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Ocarina soprano, ceramic flute

Ocarina soprano, ceramic flute
Price: 23,50 EUR incl. VAT plus Delivery

Product number.: 01-MW-103-H-Sopran

Weight: 0,15 kg

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Ocarinas in the "sweet potato" form are usually played sideways. They were very popular in the twenties, sometimes as a whole Ocarina orchestra. Like most of the clay flutes they are „closed flutes“ and have a smaller scale as the „open flutes“ like recorders.

Available in Sopran (A(, Alt (G) and Bass (E). Small deviations from the stated pitch are possible.

Tones: 8 Tones, chromatic
Material: Clay, partially glazed
Measurements: 7.5 x 9.5 cm (soprano) / 9 x 12 cm (alto) / 9 x 12 cm (bass

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