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earlysound.de - About us

Music is a universal, human way of communicating.
Despite regional differences, no translator is needed to understand music from other cultures.
Small children can also understand music, even if they have problems learning their native language.
There is a strong connection in the human brain between music and language development, just as there is a connection between music and the understanding of mathematics.
An active engagement with music helps to create intelligence and youthfulness.
For us it is important, that children have the possibility to engage actively with music.

We – a musician and product designer and a musician and craftsman – choose the products for our shop, for children between 0 and 100, using the following criteria:

- accurately tuned instruments help develop a good ear for music
- along with the accurate tuning, a diverse sound quality, for example rich overtones, is important
- select materials and high-quality workmanship are essential for an esthetic quality and child friendly usage
- materials and finishes that are durable and safe to human health and the environment
- durable construction, for a long life and sustainability
- bright colors and a playful approach can be a cheerful contrast to the often academic seriousness of a musical education

The products that are available on earlysound.de should give you long lasting joy. We wish you fun while playing music.

The earlysound-team

Annett Hopfe
Robin Brück